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Learning satisfaction: it's all a matter of attitude!

If you are looking for happiness, you will find it satisfaction. Hopefully. Because it is not happiness that makes you happy, but life satisfaction. "Happiness is a state of intoxication - but satisfaction is calm in the soul"says a bon mot correctly. Admittedly, the term itself is a bit unspectacular, but the feeling is less fleeting than happiness. Have satisfaction, is an essential part of our biological, psychological and social well-being. The good news: satisfaction is a matter of attitude - and it can be learned. We show what makes satisfaction and give lots of tips on how you can become more satisfied ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

What is satisfaction?

Everyone wants to feel contented. We make decisions, pursue goals and use our energy to achieve precisely this state of satisfaction. Far too few ask themselves the question: What is satisfaction anyway? Often terms and ideas are mixed up here, which is why it makes sense to be clear about the meaning first.

Whoever is really satisfied is inwardly balanced, agrees with the circumstances and feels deeply satisfaction. Satisfaction is the personal conviction and assessment that the current life corresponds to one's own ideas and expectations.

We always feel satisfaction when our individual needs are satisfied. That can be professional and financial security, but it can also include a fulfilling family life and an environment of friends. Another factor that can influence satisfaction is the ability to pursue your own interests, hobbies and passions on the way to self-actualization.

Is really satisfied who has what he needs to be happy. That sounds self-explanatory, but it offers a great opportunity: In the end, you can ultimately influence and decide for yourself what your satisfaction depends on and how much of everything you really need.

Inner satisfaction cannot be permanent

Inner satisfaction begins - as the name suggests - with ourselves. And with it in the head. It is often the result of our expectations and their fulfillment. Who believes this State of happiness could be preserved permanently with just a few exercises, but is subject to a naive misconception - and will probably remain unhappy.

But don't put yourself under pressure either: permanent Be satisfied is not intended biologically at all. Evolution has shown it: Humans are constantly developing, our brain thirsts to learn new things, we should grow. It is not by chance that we develop ambitions and ambitions. OK then! Otherwise we would stop. And standing still is the beginning of boredom and death. Numerous diseases have their origin here.

Dissatisfaction is also an important motor in life that drives us to gain experience and to grow. Conversely, satisfaction does not mean that you either no more wishes Has. Or to put it another way: In order to experience satisfaction, we also need occasional dissatisfaction. Because satisfaction is an absolute state, it cannot be increased.

Job satisfaction: salary, working hours, working atmosphere?

At least now and then be satisfiedTo stay peaceful, as it is called - but only a few manage that. Especially in the job. At around 30 years of age, the job is not a source of satisfaction for many, but pure stress for many. In no other phase of life are people more frustrated with their jobs, researchers at the University of Groningen found.

The reasons for this are mostly children, important career switches and an increasingly imbalanced work-life balance. So strictly speaking, private life.

But what about the job itself? One theory says: The Job satisfaction determine exactly 3 things ...

  • salary
  • working hours
  • working climate

Of course, all three points play an essential role for that Job satisfaction, they only develop their full effect when they work together:

  • salary

    Those who provide first-class services and are paid third-rate for them cause frustration in the long run and feel exploited.

  • working hours

    Even the best payment can never please you in the long term if you have no more life and are just toiling. Work always needs to be balanced.

  • working climate

    As the saying goes: You come for the job - and leave because of the boss (or colleagues). Quite a few spend more time with their colleagues (including bosses) than with their own partners. At least eight hours a day. If the chemistry isn't right, even the best job can turn into hell.

But what if you had to prioritize; what if you are would have to decidewhich of the three points is the most important?

Hardly surprisingly, the majority opts for that working climate. No salary, however high, can exceed one lousy atmosphere consoling away, and neither is a 35-hour week. That's still 35 lousy hours per week - and 35 too many that you are not at all satisfied with.

Satisfaction test: Are you satisfied with your job?

Speaking of which: Are you satisfied with your current job at all? Many employees are not - for a variety of reasons. Our job satisfaction test may help you further ...

HERE for the self-test

Now you can suffer from these symptoms for a long time and work (which is not wrong), but satisfaction in life does not have to come about as a result.

Satisfaction is a matter of attitude

Numerous clever and well-known minds have already dealt with a content life. The result are various sayings and quotes for satisfaction:

  • Comparing is the end of happiness and the beginning of dissatisfactionSøren Kierkegaard
  • Satisfaction does not mean having everything, but making the best of everything.Unknown
  • If enough is not enough for whom, nothing is enough.Epicurus
  • If you are dissatisfied, change your life or your attitude.Unknown
  • The greatest pleasure is satisfaction with yourself.Jean Jaque Rousseau
  • The dissatisfied person cannot find a comfortable chair.Benjamin Franklin

The central theme is always looking at one's own life. In other words: it finds no comparison instead of. Satisfaction is a personal, inward-looking attitude. What others have, what a colleague deserves, what a friend has achieved - all of this should be irrelevant to your own satisfaction. Really satisfied people do not compare, but enjoy their own life just as it is.

If there is a lack of a feeling of satisfaction, it is often your own fault. Because one thing is certain: Greed is poison for contentment.

Every few years a new car, the latest smartphone or other electronic gadgets to keep up with the neighbor or colleague - this consumption only puts us under destructive pressure. With such things in mind, people no longer see the positive in their life, but only the lack.

Almost more so on the Internet: There, the success of the others and their exciting life is shown in the timeline practically every second. According to some studies, Facebook makes you jealous and dissatisfied. And the more numerous such Comparison options are, the more unreachable they become - and the more dissatisfied the person becomes. Unhappiness is then only a matter of time.

People see the wealth and success of their friends, colleagues, bosses and want too have a piece of the cake. First just one thing, then more and more. "We rarely think of what we have, but always only of what we lack", complained Arthur Schopenhauer. Or short:

Envy eats up the soul. Sure, inner satisfaction cannot come about like this.

Learning satisfaction: tips and ways

The positive one Basic mood of satisfaction occurs when our demands and expectations are met or balanced. However, the knowledge already provides an important part of the solution: We decide and set the bar when we are satisfied. We alone determine our requirements and thus define what and how much we need for our satisfaction.

An important key to this positive feeling is not to give up goals, but rather, while one is on the way to the goal, to give up to accept the present phase of life wholeheartedly.

You probably know the story of Hans in hapiness: He got a nugget of gold, exchanged it a few times until he had a few whetstones, but they weighed on him. When they fell into a well, he was relieved and satisfied. Most people behave exactly the other way around: They collect burdens - and yet they do not become happier.

So what makes people happy and satisfied?

The question is as old as philosophy. In the last few decades scientists have increasingly dealt with different results - but essentially they are united by the knowledge that Hans already used in fairy tales: Satisfaction is a matter of attitude, an attitude - nothing to buy or control. It's a choice.

That's good news because it means that Learning satisfaction lets - by being independent of the circumstances. Additionally there is some tips, with which the satisfaction can be increased in everyday life:

  • Be grateful

    Those who just look at others, compare themselves and try to mock their success or possessions will not be more satisfied, but dissatisfied. Rather, be grateful for what you have achieved. The psychologist Rolf Merkle recommends: “Write down 10 things you can be thankful for. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and think of these 10 gifts. "

  • Memorize beautiful moments

    A mishap can overshadow a whole day. Unfortunately, most of them mainly remember negative and embarrassing moments and thus suppress the good times. Better to enjoy the present, memorize positive thoughts and not waste your time brooding over the past. There is great peace in that.

  • Think optimistically

    Those who suffer from chronic pessimism make their own satisfaction almost impossible. Persistent black eyes and bad talk is not a way to be satisfied with your own life. Learn to see things positively more often and to focus on solutions rather than on problems.

  • Be creative

    Creativity has been proven to make you happy. And everyone can express themselves daily through creative ideas. When you look at what you have achieved, you automatically experience inner satisfaction. It also makes it more self-confident

  • Surround yourself with friends and family

    Man is a social being. Good and close relationships with friends and families give us strength, feel good and become more satisfied. Unwanted loneliness, on the other hand, makes you frustrated and unhappy. Make contact with the people around you, who are important to you and who are good for you.

  • Move

    Anyone who moves their body releases endorphins. And they also make you happy and satisfied. You don't have to become a competitive athlete right away, but regular exercise or at least long walks can help.

  • Read inspiring material

    You don't have to develop every good thought yourself. It is enough to let positive ideas go through your head every day. The best way to do this: read. Refueling with positive thoughts also changes some negative attitudes.

  • Take your time

    For yourself above all. This is not always easy, but effective: Those who conscientiously and regularly take time out that belongs only to them will become calmer, more resilient - and more satisfied. Just fill this time with what is good for you.

  • Be satisfied

    That only sounds tautological. You can fulfill all points, get creative, move around, read good things and still remain grouchy. Happiness and satisfaction also remain a matter of decision and an inner attitude. You are only satisfied when you choose to do so. Try it.

We also have an overview with some of these tips as PDF compiled for you.

Speaking of which: just write a certificate yourself!

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