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One Piece: Mysterious devil fruit power causes problems for Luffy & Zorro

One Piece hero Monkey D. Luffy and Lorenor Zorro not only meet the villain Scratchmen Apoo, but also his devil fruit power in the current manga chapter.

One Piece begins the grand finale of the Wano Country-Arc. In the current manga chapter 980 it goes accordingly to the point: Monkey D. Luffy, Lorenor Zorro and Eustass Kid deal with Scratchmen Apoo and his wicked devil power.

The One Piece manga is known to be several steps ahead of the anime. Accordingly, if you are only watching the anime series and not also following the manga, you should not read any further. Unless you're not afraid of spoilers.


One Piece-Fiesling uses music devil-fruit against Luffy & Zorro

What's going on there? In the manga chapter 980, Monkey D. Luffy's camouflage collapses while he is at the big celebration of the 100 Beasts Pirates. Because they waste so much food, he wants to punish them with a gum-gum-elephant-gun and so betrays himself.

At the same time, Zorro creates chaos and collapses an entire floor. This creates a huge commotion, in which the super mean and "The Roar of the Sea" Scratchmen Apoo intervenes. Monkey D. Luffy and Lorenor Zorro want to fight their way through to him.

Music devil power: Scratchmen Apoo has it all and some particularly crazy tricks up his sleeve. He can make music with his body thanks to the devil fruit. His teeth become piano keys and the sound waves troubles Zorro and Luffy from a distance.

One Piece pirate captain Scratchmen Apoo can make music with his body thanks to the devil fruit.

Apparently, Scratchmen Apoo can even hurt the One Piece heroes with words from a distance, without performing a conventional attack or getting really physical. He even triggers a kind of explosion by drumming and neither Luffy nor Zorro have much time to react.

Who is Scratchmen Apoo? "The Rumble of the Sea" is one of the eleven supernovae. He is the captain of the on-air pirate gang and is part of the so-called "Worst Generation", including Blackbeard. Apoo has a bounty of 350 million berries.

The mysterious music devil's power appeared from time to time briefly or marginally in anime and manga. But in such action and to this extent it has never been seen before.

Do you read the One Piece manga? What do you think of Apoo's powers?

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